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With now-a-days, it is uttermost important to have an investor-grade business plan with you. Despite it is somehow a difficult task as both in terms of things which come in between as well as on time constraints, BUT the team here at with us will help you with that. We don’t just bring our expertise in helping you out BUT also will prepare the b-plan for you (the one which you are looking onto).

Our business planning services include:


Executive Summaries: The first step which every (almost) investors wants to look onto. Executive summaries are nothing but one or two page executive summary of your business. The aim for such a summary is that one can persuade investors onto considers requesting a full business plan from you. [Service starts at $69 all inclusive]

Business Plan Development: The second (and most important step) for any business who want to pitch an investor. With the expertise we got in hand, we will help you plan your strategy, research as well as analyzes the market you are targeting, leading towards creating a compelling business plan to articulate opportunities for you. Moreover, hiring us for the job means you will be able to save you hundreds of hours of precious time which you can probably spend on other important things in your agenda. [Service starts at $149 all inclusive]

Pitch Decks: Since with huge time change in the recent era, more and more equity investors now prefer to look onto a stand-along pitch deck instead of whole business plan. While a great pitch deck is considered to be the one which tells just the right story with all important relevant ingredients into it, which one will get only after doing thorough research, analysis and strategy. [Service starts at $99 all inclusive]

Business Plan Review: If you have already written your plan, we can provide an objective third party critique sharing about all potential pros and cons which you have to work upon before you send it to investors. [Service starts at $69 all inclusive for (per) 10 pages]



Presentation Design: Most of the time these days investors (as well as partners, customers and/or new hires) are looking for (your business plan) presentation too. While one can consider on making itself but the one such presentation requires huge clean and clear ingredients which will speak up everything in one go. So whether you are looking for capital, partners, customers or even hiring new talent, we will help you out with the same. [Service starts at $129 all inclusive for (per) 10 pages]



Entrepreneur Coaching & Tactical Guidance: Questions like how should you organize your company? Or where should you incorporate? Or what capital structure should you opt? Or can you patent your potential business ideas? Like this, there are hundreds of questions out there which you get puzzled by. To make all such things easier for you, you can hire us for a one-to-one talk (through Skype). [Service starts at $129 all inclusive per two hours]

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